Mahatma Putra is a documentary filmmaker based in Cowes, Australia and Jakarta, Indonesia. Putra graduated from Universitas Indonesia majoring Advertising Communication in 2008.

After working as a video journalist at Voice of America (VOA), Washington DC, in the PPIA-VOA Fellowship in 2011-2012, he began working as a freelance documentary filmmaker concentrating on Indonesian environmental, social & cultural issues. In the same year, Putra took a Buddhist studies course in Sri Lanka International Buddhist Academy (SIBA), Sri Lanka, following his passion for Buddhist Philosophy.

In 2013, he co-founded Anatman Pictures (www.anatmanpictures.com) with his wife, Natasha May (executive producer) which has become one of the leading creative production houses in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Putra’s documentary, narrative and commercial works have won and gained national & international recognition such as, Citra Pariwara Gold & Silver, AdFest Lotus Roots Nomination (HIJUP Short Documentary, 2016), Piala Citra Best Documentary Nomination (Batak, 2012), Web TV Asia Seoul, South Korea, The Most Favorite Microfilm & GO-VIDEO 2016 (Arang & Asa, 2016).

In 2020, Putra & Tasha established Anatman Pictures Australia (www.anatmanpictures.com.au), their international representatives, introducing Indonesian talents worldwide.