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Promoting Gotong Royong & Musyawarah

Indonesia is a vast archipelago that unites a lot of ethnic groups that has their own values and traditions. From Dutch occupation for almost 350 years, then Indonesia learn to unite by suffered together under colonial’s rule.

From the difficulties Indonesian people had been facing for 3 centuries, then they have learned to cope all the problems collectively together due their lack of education and intellectualism. The circumstances required them to think and do things with a lot of not-so-intellect brains in order to solve their problems.

The condition then made Indonesian people –from all ethnic groups– becoming more collectivist. They depend on each other on almost every aspect in their life. The needs of others in Indonesia are very high.

From here then born things such as gotong-royong and musyawarah.

Gotong-royong is an Indonesian way to work together in almost every aspect of their social life. Up until now, in Indonesian country-sides still we could see, for example, when one is trying to build a house or some simple building, every people around there are not hesitate to give their time and energy in order to finish the task that actually are not theirs.

Musyawarah is an Indonesian way to sit and think together, in achieving one goal and a win-win solution. Ideally, with musyawarah, minority’s voices still could be listened, because musyawarah is not to vote, musyawarah is to listen. People in the House of Representatives could do a better job if they stick to this principal.

If there is a chance to promote Indonesian values and tradition, I would like to promote these two genuine Indonesian ways that made people have the sense of not being alone. Because in this postmodern era there are many problems in this world that have been caused by human alienation, for in their alienation then human would become more selfish and individualistic, therefore gotong royong and musyawarah are two effective solutions offered by Indonesian values and traditions that could be applied easily in every parts in this world. So people in every part of this world could learn how to trust and depend on each other more than before.

By Mahatma Putra

Currently having a long vacation from social media.

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