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Insecurity: Because to Love is to Become Insecure

 “For the words that flows from your heart are my finest tranquilizer” 

The story began when loads of smoke exhaled throughout my mouth, the uncountable substances that flew out from my mouth to fill the room that fully loaded with unstable people that would like to complete themselves thoroughly, for their essence in life are to seek the meaning of life by living their life undeniably, free from our tight social-constructed system.

I have had a contenting experience with the one, whose name is reflecting the purpose of my own life to illuminate the black nights, ascribing the essence of loneliness that indirectly spoke in the name of the truth, and then conquered it once and for all, for today.

For the taper always be the source of light in our small and peaceful hut, and the stars always shine to direct the way in the age of the darkness, accompanying pilgrims to wade the oceans, all over again.

And there will be Set, our mighty Egyptian god that always have killed Horus each day, to pamper his pupils –darkness and terror- so they will forever be free to intimidate and vanish manhood’s contentment. Blowing winds that shook the taper’s lunt, and trembled our modest raft, insecuring our uncertain and recursive voyage, while the only thing night sky’s tiny dot could do was to obey nature’s nurture that told her only to revolve and attract in her own axis and gravitation.

The story ended when I drank the elixir of knowledge and blew a dragon’s breath from my burned throat. Set had killed and threw me into a cold hole of the night that was dug by the hands of his brazen disciples. I was dead, thank you. Because I believe that in order to feel the life, I have to be dead firmly.

And just like what I believe, before the dawn dawned, I was revealed through Horus’ eyes, to see from his eyes and to learn in how to secure my voyage all by myself and how I must not depend on some lights or some shiny armor –or bottles.

It is very tricky to watch that glamorous star danced and made her own way to become the brightest light in the night while the pilgrim’s raft were shaken by night’s waves. But to learn to understand in how to dance with her together separately is the only way to secure and welcoming Horus to relove the cosmos –micro and macro- at the same time. Therefore the pilgrim’s raft will tranquilly sailed in harmony with Horus and Set, reaching his final destination and meet the dawn once again. Everyday.

This writing was dedicated to all anonymous who were tied by insecurity, because you are the one that are truly free and secure. And for you that have secured me, today.

By Mahatma Putra

Currently having a long vacation from social media.

2 replies on “Insecurity: Because to Love is to Become Insecure”

\”For the words that flows from your heart are my finest tranquilizer\” kapan ya put bisa ngerasain gitu? heheheeh kalo udah mau bikin buku bilang2, aku yg layoutin ya

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