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Then Che Asked #2

The stone-shaped man answer her question gently,

“We were going to a place called Mayhem-Factory!” said stone-shaped man gladly.

Che liked to watch nasty-b-movie-sadistic films, but she did not like to be in a chaotic situation. She liked to watch butchers cutting their meats, but she could not stand to see her friends cries for a mere broken heart. She could stand blood, but not tears.

She would like to go there, Mayhem-Factory seems to be a very strange, exciting, and mystical place, but she felt that maybe if she came back to the school now, was not too late. There still must be a celebration party, and she loved party. Che did believe in astrology, her zodiac was Leo; perhaps that’s why Che liked party very much, because according to her belief, Leo was popular and liked to be the center of attention.

The stone-shaped man could read her mind -it was a mystical creature, eh? It knew that Che did not want to miss the party, but it also knew that Che also liked new things, it knew some about zodiac and astrology as well -that Leo was a born sensation-seeker.

Che was a lioness; in the real world she could be everything she wanted to be, and always get everything that she wanted, but today Che confused. She never realized that she never had to choose anything before. Today she understood perfectly that every decision in her life was always chosen for her by something -or she’d like to say, some figures- she did not knew at all, she felt everything was pre-determined for her, that she was a doll played by an invisible hand only for the purpose the doll itself would never knew, but not today. Today was all about her own and only decision. She was facing her life.

She was looking at her body, lie there, soiled around the puddles, and there was a stone-shaped man waiting for her. Either she could dive back to possess her body and ran to school, or she could go with the stone-shaped man into the ‘Neverland.’

“We could fly if you like.” Said the stone, try to tempt her.

Che smiled and hold its hand, a jelly-solid hand.

“Teach me to fly!” Said Che excitedly.

Then so, there was a brilliant white light surrounding them, and Che was lifted from the ground. This is her first, and first-timer always felt the excitement-nerve. She did not know that it was so easy to fly!
Now she was flying for real! Che laughed loudly, for her to fly was like to be tickled by air, especially when you moved very quickly. So Che increased her speed now -for she liked to be tickled- tried to race the Russian MIG she met -usually first-timer was also a tinhorn. It was very lovely; Che would never forget that amazing feeling.

After Che satisfying herself -by flying around wherever she wanted- she landed near the puddle where her body lied. She thought this was a dream, but the more she thought that it was a dream, she become more conscious, more than ever, she knew that this was not a dream. Now, she understood that her life before was nothing but a dream, for she never chooses anything. Life is to choose, and she was ready to choose now.

Then, briefly, Che asked the second question.

“How do we get there?”
*to be continued.

By Mahatma Putra

Currently having a long vacation from social media.

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