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Then Che Asked

Her name was Che. Che was nothing but an ordinary good-girl; she always sleep at ten o’clock and never forget to brush her teeth. She studied diligently, and took an oath to become a nun when she grew up. Che is a lovable daughter, sister, and friends. No one in this world would love her not.

This summer, she was still at high school, but in a blink of an eye she would attend college, majoring politic. Her childhood dream to become a nun vanished, although she still admired Mother Teresa, one of her role models beside Diana Krall and Che Guevara. If she could, she would like to become the fusion of them. She wanted to play jazz-piano to entertain the poor while she wrote and led a revolution war -an ordinary dream for a smart sixteen-year-old child.

She admired Che Guevara very much beside of the fact that her father named her after him. She was very proud of her name. She built her confidence through Che Guevara, and was influenced by him. On her sixteenth birthday she organized her friends to make an anti-war protest in front of mayor office. She celebrated her birthday in revolution spirit, celebrating Independence Day; her birthday was August the 17th, the same as her dear country, Indonesia.

Che graduated first rank in her batch. All she has to do now was concentrating on her study so she could be accepted at one of the best universities in Indonesia. She never meet any obstacles in her road, especially everything academic, until one day, life revealed itself to her.

Life came to her as a dirty old stone, right beside the fishpond, on the street near her school. She lived in luxurious residence in Kemang area in Jakarta, in her residence everyone tried to lead a green life. Although her complex is not very broad, it was wide enough to built some fishponds and miniature forest -a small garden that intentionally built to look like a forest.

She used to walk to school, but today was her graduation day, and she did not have enough sleep last night; she couldn’t sleep, too excited imagining that tomorrow must be great to be called to the podium as a first rank student, she got up late, so today she ran.

Last night was raining, so today there were a slippery puddle in front of the face of dirty old stone. Life made her slipped. She knocked her head to the ground. She passed out, while the stone laughed, happily accomplished its mission.

In such luxurious residence no one passing around and noticing that there was a nice girl fell down and passed out. Everyone already left for work; they who stayed in the house was to busy watching TV, swimming behind their houses, or just relaxes and do nothing -including her mom.

After three hour passed out on the street, the stone woke her up. Laughing at her, told her for she had not attended her own graduation day. Che shocked, it was late, she looked at her watch, but what made her shocked the most was the speaking stone; but she wasn’t afraid.

The stone transformed into man-shaped stone; it moves very chewy like a jelly but as solid as a stone; and helped her to stand on the ground. It told her that someone who had been waiting her for thousand years was expecting her now. Che looked around and then she saw herself lying on the ground, while the man-shaped stone held her hand and asked her to move away from there.

Then Che asked the first question.

“Where are we going?”
*to be continued.

By Mahatma Putra

Currently having a long vacation from social media.

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