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An Alien that Leaving Soon

He lighted his cigarette and sucked it deeply. He felt relieve tonight he could go to a bar in Jalan Jaksa to met his loyal friends, Jack and Johnny. Jack Daniels always brought him back to his small and peaceful garden at his home in rural area of London, where he usually spent his time laying around, drinking, and wandering of a new places, while Johnny Walker usually walked his way home to a small flat in south Jakarta, Johnny helped him to sang on his way back home.

Few hours later he arrived at “Kosmos,” his favorite bar, although he still did not know what is the essential meaning of such as “favorite” or “truth,” because for him to know what is “favorite” and “truth” means you have to choose one absolute thing. Anyway, he stepped in, grabbed some beers -for starter, sat, and waited. He waited for Dini.

Dini left her Mini Cooper around the corner of Jalan Jaksa and walked to “Kosmos”. Likewise, every Saturday night was hard to find a parking lot at Jalan Jaksa. Dini came to “Kosmos” shivering. It was very cold that night, and she did not wear any jacket, she only wore her favorite blue tank-top and skinny jeans. She knew her favorite clothes, and also her favorite color, and she knew that not the cold that made her shivering tonight. She was nervous.

While in “Kosmos,” Jack’s and Johnny’s best friend already finished his beers, and now was asking for two shot of Jack and Johnny, as the song played.

“Oh, I’m an alien I’m a legal alien

I’m an Englishman in New York”

He did not like that song, it made him home-sick, and also he thought that song is so gay-ish. He did not like Sting. He sighed, and drank his first shot.

Dini still waited at the front door, she was afraid to continue her step. She knew that he was already there for nearly an hour, waiting for her.

Inside, he almost drank his fifth shot when suddenly he saw Dini sat next to him, almost cried.

“Hey, what happen?” He said, try to become sober as much as he could.

“I’ve done a terrible thing to you.” Dini replied, cried softly.

“Calm down Dini.

What can be worse? Life is happening to me.” He said gently, like there was nothing could hurt him.

“I had AIDS.” Said Dini calmly, paced, her heart was numb this time. She did not know what she expected to hear. Her confession may not change anything now, her guilt may not be erased, but at least she told him the truth. Last month she was drunk, it was not her justification, she still knew that she was the one that responsible.

He stunned.

Dini knew his feeling right now; it was the same as when her ex-boyfriend told him the same thing. Dini closed her eyes; she didn’t know what she was going to do, until his laugh startled her.

“Why are you laughing?” Asked Dini spontaneously. She thought maybe he liked to laugh to an irony, or maybe he thought this was only a joke. She felt real bad for him. She did not know how to express her own feeling right now.

Suddenly he kissed Dini passionately. He felt love flowing out of her, so was her.

“I have cancer,” he said gently. He was happy to feel that from this moment on, he could sing with Dini to his way home. He was bored to sing with Johnny.

He held her hand, and walked outside the “Kosmos”. They stepped into Dini’s Mini Cooper and start driving around. They did not know where they would go tonight. But it was not a problem at all as long as Dini was always by his side. She knew the word “dini” means “soon” in Indonesia. He and Dini now on the same boat, they will be leaving the Cosmos sooner than other, soon.

By Mahatma Putra

Currently having a long vacation from social media.

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