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The Man Who Sold The World

We passed upon the stair, we spoke in was and when
Although I wasn’t there, he said I was his friend
Which came as a surprise, I spoke into his eyes
I thought you died alone, a long long time ago

Oh no, not me
We never lost control
You’re face to face
With The Man Who Sold The World

I laughed and shook his hand, and made my way back home
I searched for a foreign land, for years and years I roamed
I gazed a gazeless star, we walked a million hills
I must have died alone, a long long time ago

Who knows? Not me
I never lost control
You’re face to face
With the Man who Sold the World

Who knows? not me
We never lost control
You’re face to face
With the Man who Sold the World

The Man

“The Man Who Sold the World” is a song written by David Bowie and popularized by Nirvana. Kurt Cobain sang this song a moment before his suicide action. Implicitly, maybe Kurt wanted to tell the people that he‘d already sold the world. Personally, I think he overstepped David Bowie, who originally wrote this song. At some point, Kurt understood this song better than Bowie.
Influenced by Nietzsche, in this song Bowie told us a lot about the Super-Human concept, or I’d like to say it “Superman”. A man who’d overstepped all other man. A man who had a better consciousness and understanding of the universe. A figure like Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad, Janis Joplin, and Ken Arok perhaps? Figure mentioned before just an example about the Superman figure although I’m not literally saying that the person I mentioned is the superman figure, but in a simple way, they had some similar characteristic with the Super-Human concept. They all were men (or women) who had a better understanding.

The World 

The world’s values and wisdom have been evolving for ages. From one’s truth transform into others. It’s nothing more than buying and selling. To sell one’s belief and buy the new one. To sell one’s truth and bargain for a new one. In the middle age, every European kings believe that mercantilism is the only powerful economic system to conquer the world, but then it had been evolved into capitalism. Genghis Khan invaded another country to enslaved them. Nowadays, USA invades another country to gave them freedom.

The Men Who Sold It

The world always change its value depends on the man who owns it, and to sell the world means you must own it first. Of course, how could you sell something that did not belong to you? In the song Bowie describes the man who sold the world as a friendly figure, who had an understanding about one’s search in life. Who had died, but still lives. Bowie did not say explicitly about the super-human figure that resurrect from their tomb, and then speak to him about wisdom. In my personal opinion they live forever through their works, their memoirs, their songs, their paintings, and saying absurdly, their souls. Then, they can speak eternally, still take part in bargaining and selling the world.
Quoting Nietzsche “There are no facts, only interpretations,” this is just my interpretation. This is my personal opinion. But again, the personal is political.

By Mahatma Putra

Currently having a long vacation from social media.

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