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Amir is a title for Arabic nobleman. Around Jakarta, there was a man named Amir. He was not a nobleman, and not an Arab as well. He was a plain Javanese, flat-nosed, and a bit flat-minded.

Amir like to hunt. In his spare time, he went to the jungle in Karawang, riding his old Volkswagen car, side by side with his rifle. An ordinary air-rifle inherited from his late father. For Amir, to hunt is to control, to conquer, to become god.

Amir believes in god, his religious dogma, and he also believes in his dear country. He was lucky, he never doubt. He was not choosing to believe, he had been chosen. By his god and his country. In his mind at least.

Beside his great devotion to his god, Amir is a mere human. A human who wants power and greatness. He wants people to envy him. Amir felt power-hunger for the first time when he was a boy. One day Amir went fishing at the lake near his school. He’s good at fishing. But today he realized something extraordinary. When he saw a fish struggled, begged for its life, he saw himself as a god. He knew what the fish feel, and it’s now up to him to decide. At that time, he decides to become a good-god. He returned the fish back to the lake.

Today, Amir was on his way to the jungle. He’d been hungry for weeks, for food and power. A godly feeling increased his appetite. He yearned the smell of a roast-bunny. He’d like to kill a bigger animal, but his rifle only able to kill small animal like rabbit and duck. Someday Amir would afford a more appropriate rifle, but not today. He wasn’t ready to kill a bigger animal.

Poor Amir, he did not find any prey today. There were few birds flying around, but it’s very hard for Amir to shoot a flying bird. He’s not a professional hunter. So, upon his failure, he went back to his car to find some instant noodles. He ate to satisfy his stomach, not his hunger.

Before going to sleep in his exotic Volkswagen Combi, Amir prayed. He asked his god, so tomorrow he can become god.
Some people think it’s okay to play god in front of their own god.

By Mahatma Putra

Currently having a long vacation from social media.

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